We are a group of amateur historians who devote a good deal of our time to historic research on 18th Century America, particularly the period of the American Revolution (1775 - 1783).  We consider our activities a hobby and are therefore willing to devote our time and considerable money to "our hobby."  We reenact camp life, tactics, drill and combat of the late 18th century.  We do this on weekends usually from Friday night through Sunday afternoon.  We live in the field as was done in the 18th Century.  Anyone joining us should share our likes and be able to assimilate to our ways.
  The 24th Connecticut Militia Regiment is a member of the Continental Line, one of three parent umbrella organizations that oversee the general safety of Revolutionary War reenacting.  The other two organizations are the Brigade of the American Revolution, and British Brigade.

   All applicants will fill out an Application for Membership.  The primary purpose for this is based on insurance reasons, as we engage in the act of deliberately starting fires (in camp) and shooting black powder firearms at one another.  Contact us by e-mail and we will mail you an application.  You can then bring your application form to an event so we may meet with you to answer any questions, expectations, requirements, etc.  We encourage all prospective members to join us for an event before making any decisions about membership. This is to make sure our unit is what you are looking for. You may wish to just observe what activities are involved, or you may dress out (with appropriate clothing) to get a better feel for the hobby.


  Unit membership cost is presently $10 annually. In addition, a small fee is collected for food at events.  The dues cover the cost of insurance for the various events we attend, and provides funds for unit activities.

For further information on how you could portray history, contact one of the helpful folks below!
 President Donna H 


Commander Harry S